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Useful links and resources

In case of emergency:

  • European-wide emergency number: 112

  • Firemen: 18 

  • Ambulance: 15

  • Police: 17

  • Go to the Psychiatric Emergency ward of Hôpital Purpan:

       Place du Docteur Baylac - TSA 40031 - 31059 Toulouse cedex 9 - 1st floor

SOS Helpline: English-speaking confidential helpline (3pm-11pm daily).


National Institute of Mental Health: provides in-depth information on mental health.


Black Dog Institute: provides in-depth information on depression and bipolar disorder.


Students abroad: provides information about culture shock and cultural adjustment.


Message: parenting resource for English-speaking parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris.


Domestic Violence Help Paris: provides resources and an English-speaking support group for victims of domestic violence.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): English-speaking meetings for alcoholism in Paris.


Outremangeurs Anonymes (OA): English-speaking meetings for eating disorders in Paris.


AADHD: English-speaking support group in Paris for adults with ADHD.


Counselling In France: directory of English-speaking therapists in France, by area.


Psychology Tools: provides CBT tools and psychoeducation for a wide-variety of issues and disorders.


CBT for insomnia: online Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy program for insomnia.


Authentic Happiness: provides resources and information on positive psychology:


Websites that provide free guided relaxation and/or meditation exercises:

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